EKOPLON is a Polish family company founded in 1998 by Dr. Yan Saykevich, a PhD in Agrochemistry, who holds a leading position in Poland in the field of plant fertilization technology. The early activities of the company include production of foliar fertilizers EKOLIST, which are recognized and valued by its customers.

Our fertilizer plant uses modern technology using the latest technology and research facilities, as well as highly qualified specialists. This allows us to constantly present innovative products tailored to current needs and expectations of farmers. In addition, we are collaborating with farmers and research centers to continuously develop and validate our product range. The result is a rich set of high-quality foliar fertilizers tailored to the specific needs of professional farmers and their crops.


  • Maximus Platinum
  • Maximus Extra
  • Maximus Amino
  • Maximus aminoMicro
  • Maxibor 21
  • ekolist makro
  • Ekolist mikro
  • ekolist chelacid
  • nitrospeed 39
  • smit +
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